Our Story
"It was while we were standing in front of the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, in the wake of this tragedy, that the inspiration for Geogram came to us."
In August 2016, our co-founder Dan Mills and I arrived in Orlando to meet artist Michael Pilato, the co-founder of Inspiration Orlando. Michael had invited us to use our AR technology to amplify the stories in a public mural he was creating to honor those impacted by the Pulse tragedy.

By then, the wall in front of Pulse  had become a shrine. There, Dan and I encountered a man using his smartphone to record a video of himself and the mementos that people had left behind. He was delivering a  message of hope that he was going to share with his community on social media.

We realised that, with our AR technology, we could give this man the ability to leave his video behind too, as a digital screen placed in the environment, just like any of the other mementos left there.

Then, anyone who visited the shrine later could discover his message and learn what this place had meant to him. 
It was an inspired idea: grounding the experiences we share online in their physical locations  would give individuals and communities a powerful new way to communicate their stories. Virtually anyone with a smartphone could contribute to the meaning of a place.  

This idea was a gift, given to us in a city that was suffering. Dan and I agreed that one day we would give something back to this special place.  

Almost one year later, on June 10th, 2017,  we released the Geogram app in open beta. It was two days before Orlando United Day, the first year mark of the Pulse tragedy.  People in Orlando were the first to use the app, in commemoration of all those who were impacted at Pulse.

We are proud to have brought our unique contribution to Orlando United Day and, together with the team at Inspiration Orlando, honored to  have been part of this important day of remembrance.

Srinivas Krishna, Founder and CEO

Scroll to watch video of Pulse survivor Christopher Hansen create a Geogram, and more....

Place Matters
Our collaboration with Inspiration Orlando
The artists of Inspiration Orlando are creating a public mural project honouring the victims, survivors and positive responses to the Pulse tragedy.

Geogram is using its augmented reality technology to amplify the stories in their murals and extend their reach. In addition, the viewing public will be able to participate by sharing Geogram video messages at the murals,

Since time immemorial, human beings have shared the stories of a place through public murals and frescoes.

Geogram is proud to be continuing this tradition with our collaborators at Inspiration Orlando.
People Matter
"You mattered, you were loved, we'll never forget. Those are messages that, if I get the chance, I'm going to leave."
Deborah C. Biedel
Professor of Psychology
University of Central Florida
"I'd hope they'd be messages of love, messages of support for the families."
Terry DeCarlo
Executive Director
LGBT Center, Central Florida
"The app will help us get to know some of the people who are being memorialized in a way we've never been able to do before."
Jill Scaffer, MA, MLHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor