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Geogram will officially debut on 12 June 2017, United Orlando Day. It is a day of love and kindness in the city of Orlando where Geogram was conceived.   Learn more.

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The Geogram App
Augmented reality technology lets you share your story where it happened.
Leave your mark. Augment your world.
Create A Geogram 
Use the front or rear facing camera on your phone to create an augmented reality video. We call them geograms.
Post and Share
Post geograms wherever you are and share them on Facebook. Leave a message to the world or a time capusle for the future.

View Geograms
View geograms where they've been posted as digital screens placed in the real world. 
Search and Discover
Use the map to search and discover  geograms around you. Or better yet, be the first to create one!
Geogram on Orlando United Day
In Partnership with Inspiration Orlando
Geogram is helping the artists at Inspiration Orlando add stories to their public mural project honouring the victims, survivors and positive responses to the Pulse tragedy.

On 12 June 2017, the first year mark, we invite people to use Geogram to record and share video messages to the families, those impacted, and the community at large.
This day has been designated by the City of Orlando and the Orange County Government, in collaboration with Pulse, as " Orlando United Day." It is  a day of of love and kindness intended to continue the unity that followed the tragedy.

​Geogram will be there. aes. It will help theit
Our Story
 Founded by some of the most experienced people in mobile AR VR, Geogram helps you set your story where it actually happened.  Marking a place with your experience not only increases your sense of belonging, it helps others to discover and make sense of a location.  With Geogram, all the world becomes a stage, and everyone gets to share their stories. 
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